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Ev Williams says Medium aims to flip content publishing upside down

Medium, by the team that developed Twitter, aims to re-imagine content publishing by emphasizing quality over quantity and helping people discover great content by providing easy-to-browse contextual themes.

Foursquare opens up API to Explore and Leaderboard Data

Foursquare continues to expand as one of the leaders in the geo location social network space.  They’ve already done a tremendous job of getting consumers to check in everywhere with gaming elements including badge collecting, leaderboards and the notoriety of becoming a venue’s Mayor.  They have had great adoption by brands and brick-and-mortar venues to […]


Thank you Ignite Social  Media.  I love all of your clever social media badges; it’s hard to pick a favorite!  I just wish I had seen you at SXSW for the stickerbook!

What happened to the Web Design Community?

If you’ve been around the Internet since the beginning, you would wholeheartedly agree with Vitaly Friedman over at Smashing Magazine. With all of the technology changes, something else has changed – the design community.  Could be the over expanding shape of the information landscape, could be that the first batches of web designers are getting older, […]

Animatable – A Promising new CSS3 Animation Tool

A first look at Animatable from Andy Clarke on Vimeo. Animatable is a promising new CSS3 tool to create animations deployable across Webkit browsers on any platform or device – this means web browsers and mobile devices such as Android, BlackBerry and iPhones!