Dieter Rams weighs in on THE BLACK CUBE – a “Perfect” Product

Sep 06, 2011

I heard that a Dieter Rams exhibit recently opened at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). I was happy to discover that the exhibit, titled “LESS AND MORE – The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams“, runs until February 2012. Phew, now I just have to remember to go!

In looking around for info, I ran across an interesting post over at Swiss Miss and followed the trail to THE BLACK CUBE project.  The project looks to have been an interesting study by a group of designers to create the “perfect product”. They invited other designers and artists to participate and/or provide comment.

Below is a video of Dieter Rams weighing in. He opens with the proclamation that “The term ‘design’ is worn out and has lost its attraction.” He offers up some opinion on ‘The Black Cube’ briefly making reference to his 10 design principles, which I wrote about last year when the topic of comparing Apple Sr. VP of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive‘s work to that of Dieter Rams was all the rage.

But I digress.

Rams concludes his thoughts on design impact with a question: “Do we have a chance to improve the world, to make it more humane, to make it more ethical? We do!

CUBE Dieter Rams ( from Andreas Unteidig on Vimeo.