Tapping into Lifestyle @ Dipdive

Dipdive was a “Lifestyle Engine for Music, Arts, Action & More” – home to a variety of creative content, artists and social causes. The social network/media platform was the concept of visionary Producer and Entrepreneur, will.i.am, best known as leader of the Black Eyed Peas. Dipdive hosted several original web series and notable videos including the “Yes We Can” song; one of the most viral and influential videos of all time. I worked directly with will.i.am and executive team on product and content strategy.


Dipdive had both web and mobile experiences with channelized content and individual user profiles with features including: blog posts, photo galleries, audio and video playlists, calendar events, friends and friend lists, text and video messaging, commenting and social sharing, forums, polls, Twitter streams, dynamic media and playlist embed players, channel and profile themes.

In addition to the consumer-facing website and apps, we developed the entire admin portal and user content management system, including variable user rights for content creation, review and publishing.

Dipdive Website and Tablet

I was very fortunate to be a key member of the team with responsibilities including:

  • Leading design, development and day-to-day operations of the platform that reached 1.3M registered users worldwide, 420K MAU at peak
  • Managing over 25 content partners and brand sponsors including BlackBerry, Bacardi, Virgin, Sports Illustrated, Under Armour, Nivea for unique content launches and live stream events
  • Directing 10+ project management, content and design team on web and mobile UI for platform functionality and in-house content series and experiences as well as community outreach and social media efforts
  • Managing 20+ engineering and QA team in Silicon Valley and the Netherlands on prioritization and development of new features, support and maintenance on 3-week sprint and release cycle