Johnny Cash Project: A Crowd Sourced Evolving Art Music Video

Dec 24, 2010

I just had a chance to check out The Johnny Cash Project – an amazing crowd sourced interactive music video dedicated to the late Johnny Cash.

The video is created by site visitors using an online drawing tool where all are invited to artistically create a single frame.  The frames are combined in an ever-changing visual experience – you will never see the same sequence of frames twice.  As of right now, it is estimated over 250,000 people have contributed frames worldwide.

I took some time to contribute my own frame: The Man in Black standing behind a cross grave stone – there’s a very cool feature that allows you to playback your own frame creation in an animation.

The creative idea came about through collaboration of music producer Rick Rubin and director Chris Milk.  Milk was also behind the technically-acclaimed HTML5 interactive online music video project, The Wilderness Downtown, for the band Arcade Fire – which I wrote about a few months ago.

The creators intentionally limited the interactive drawing tool’s available styles resulting in imagery that beautifully complements the haunting melody of Cash’s final studio recording “Ain’t No Grave”.  According to Mashable, the interactive music video is the first of its kind to garner a Grammy Nomination.

Below is an overview video of the project featuring some of the artist contributors.  Be sure to also check out the main project website: The Johnny Cash Project.