Making the world a better place @ Litterati

I developed the product strategy of a “community creating a litter-free planet” with Litterati founder, Jeff Kirschner, that expanded the mission from a social hashtag campaign on Instagram to a mobile app and platform that increased growth and engagement to over 100 countries.

Over 5M data points of litter analysis are now being used to increase city revenue, help environmental organizations and brands measure impact on oceans and waterways, and provide citizen science curriculums for schools.

Early on, we learned the most important needs by interviewing power users: ability to quickly and easily take a lot of photos during a “litter walk” and batch upload the photos when back on a wi-fi connection. We used those insights to design and launch the MVP iOS mobile app. Later, an Android app and global map features were launched just in time for Earth Day 2017.

Litterati App Screens

Litterati went on to realize capabilities envisioned in our early specifications: image recognition, AI tagging, advanced mapping, partner APIs, and user experiences such as groups, challenges, and personal statistics.

Check out Jeff’s TedTalk and join the Litterati.