Maker Faire Newbie

May 24, 2014

We ARE Makers! Maker Faire, described as the greatest show (and tell) on Earth was so much fun! More so, because I was able to share my first outing with my kids. I’m not sure exactly how to describe it because there was a lot to take in – 1/2 art show and 1/2 science fair. This event definitely maintained its DIY roots – with exhibits and activities that ranged from super low-tech (i.e. cardboard robot costumes and make-your-own rubber stamps) to as high-tech as it gets (check out the latest batch of 3D Printers and micro controller powered drone quad-copters).

The event spanned several large buildings as well as a great deal of outdoor areas, too. It was amazing to stroll from one place that was about making jewelry and handcrafted clothing to another area that was about making Arduino-powered robots, sensor-connected devices, all manner of light-up “things” and THEN walking outside to see the life-size Mousetrap, flying drones and giant flaming dragon and octopus sculptures.

Even amongst the exhibits run by tech sponsors such as Intel, Oracle and RadioShack, the artistic culture of “Maker” was still present. Exhibitors and visitors alike were very social and inclusive, eager to share and teach. And that it exactly why it was so much fun. This mega arts and crafts meets hardware and software hacker community inspired creativity and thinking. Looking around, it was easy to see that these are the inventors of today and tomorrow.

There was definitely more to see and do then we had time for. Now, we can’t wait to go back next year!