Consumers don’t buy products, so much as narratives.”

– William Gibson, Zero History
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About Me

I am a Product Manager with a strong user-centered design focus working on mobile and connected products

Currently, I am leading product definition and ux teams for several mobile consumer products. I am an advocate for great user experience and driven by purposeful design and smart engineering. I follow the latest advances in technology, interaction design, and social trends. I make time to experiment with as many web + mobile apps, publishing platforms and gadgets as I can.

Previously, I was a consultant for start-ups in mobile, entertainment, social and B2B. Notably, I was the Product Manager that led a global team of designers, engineers, and media producers on development of a large-scale content social network, Dipdive. I have also been co-founder for both a bootstrapped mobile app startup and a venture-backed software company.

I am a self-professed info-fiend who strives to know a little something about everything

Occasional Posts

Five Reasons to read “Creativity, Inc.” by Pixar Co-Founder Ed Catmull

If you love a great underdog story about creativity and business shared by a master storyteller, please read “Creativity, Inc.” by Pixar Co-Founder, Ed Catmull.

Why I started a CoderDojo

We want our kids to become creators, not just consumers. We want them to think about what goes into building software and hardware and how the internet works.

Mobile Identity Panel at Apigee I Love APIs Conference

I was honored to speak on the Mobile Identity Panel at the Apigee I Love APIs Conference – discussing personal privacy and convenience.

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