New B2B Revenue Streams @ Verizon

I pioneered data and revenue-generating B2B services as part of a new innovation team. Our mission was to maximize the value of Verizon’s network by imagining future capabilities that competed with those of internet giants. Development ranged from core low-level services to entertaining mobile apps. While at Verizon and Catalyst Foundry, I co-authored 25 patents, 20 of which were granted by the USPTO.

Core capabilities developed include:


After design, architecture, and launch of several core capabilities, we began ideation of consumer experiences that could utilize one or more of the capabilities. We developed several proof-of-concept services and fully realized apps, including:


Mobile ID

Opportunity: As mobile phones had become the center of our digital lives, carriers had the ability to provide new value to customers.

I was the lead Product Manager and evangelist for Mobile ID — a set of secure mobile identity services that provided win-win scenarios for businesses and consumers.  I also spoke about the services on a mobile identity panel at an Apigee API conference.

A key insight derived from direct qualitative user research was that consumers placed high value on convenience and would trust a service with their personal information and data provided they had control and transparency.

While reducing disengagement and lost transactions, the consumer service provided user control with a secondary benefit: helping eliminate risky practices of using simple passwords or using the same password for multiple sites or apps.



Challenge: How to differentiate a new consumer app targeting millennials in a crowded mobile video space?

I led the Research, UX, and Design team that set out to create new social video experiences after gaining insights into video watching behaviors and cord-cutter interests by interviewing subjects in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Dallas.

We developed and tested dozens of design iterations and interaction prototypes with users as we built apps for iOS and Android that combined short-form video watching, social clip sharing, and live chatting with friends.

Features that we validated with Watchat were incorporated into other Verizon video and messaging apps including go90.