Worldwide Social Media Day Meetup at PureMatter in San Jose, CA

Jul 01, 2010

Social Media Day

I had an opportunity to see a few great speakers and meet some interesting folks at a Social Media Day Meetup last night. Social Media Day was promoted by Mashable Founder and CEO Pete Cashmore to celebrate the revolution of media and how it connects people. There were over an estimated 750 Meetups and 5,000+ people celebrating around the world.  Here is an introduction by Cashmore:

The SMD Meetup that I attended was hosted by PureMatter, a brand marketing and interactive agency in downtown San Jose. Aside from seeing perspectives on social media from a few guest speakers, it was great to hook up with the local Agency scene in San Jose.

Martin Doettling - Vice President of Product Marketing, Coremetrix Martin Doettling – VP of Product Marketing at Coremetrics: Martin is a big fan of World Cup so used this year’s historic worldwide event as a perfect example of the speed of information today. He shared a few infographic slides that illustrated the reach and influence that social media, particularly Twitter, has had on this year’s World Cup over those in past years.





Boaz Ronkin - Product Marketing Director & Social Media Strategist, Coremetrix Boaz Ronkin – Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Coremetrics: Boaz dug deeper into analytics technology, especially that of Coremetrix, with examples of pixel tracking across brand properties, including a company’s presence on sites such as Facebook.






Anne Driscoll - Vice President of Business Operations,

Anne Driscoll – Vice President of Business Operations at Anne did a great job discussing how social media allows brands to engage in an already dedicated community (those who favorite/like/follow your brand) in a conversation that you wouldn’t otherwise have at a high-level (corporate) marketing level. This engagement could easily amplify your reach through a “trusted network” and create a great number of brand evangelists.





Jennifer Lowe - Director of Online Media, Metaverse Mod Squad Jennifer Lowe – Director of Online Media at Metaverse Mod Squad: Jennifer shared her background as a creative and musician, explaining her early use of social media as an Artist on sites such as MySpace and Friendster. Her experience positioned her as an expert in the early social space. Jennifer also emphasized active engagement between brands and their social communities.




All and all, the speakers each had something very interesting and useful to share with the audience which was made up of social media professionals, enthusiasts and representatives of a few different corporations looking to jump in.

Thanks again to PureMatter President Bryan Kramer and Chief Creative Officer Courtney Smith AND the rest of the PureMatter team for being such cordial event hosts.